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Fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce

100% Kagoshima Chicken meat

Product name Fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce
JAN 4971992-613805
Specifications 6pieces(150)
Quantity per package 10~4
Product size 120~240~20
Ball size 255~260~130
Case size 255~520~260
Manufacturer's code 101021
Cooking method Microwaving

Chicken meat produced 100% in Kagoshima Prefecture
The sauce contains black vinegar produced in Kagoshima Prefecture
Good as a box lunch ingredient because it stays soft, and is tasty even eaten cold. A long seller since its launch about 15 years ago.

Kagoshima Black Pork Dumplings

100% Kagoshima Black Pork !

Product name Black Pork Dumplings

JAN 4971992-613799
Specifications 12pieces(192)
Quantity per package 20~2
Product size 175~290~20
Ball size 340~286~140
Case size 340~286~280
Manufacturer's code 101022
Cooking method Fry in a frying pan

We only use the highly regarded Kagoshima prefecture kurobuta pork.Domestic vegetables are used.Tastes good without sauce because the dumplings are deliciously seasoned. Try them deep-fried!

Pork back ribs and gristle stew

Kagoshimafs well-known local dish !

Product name Pork back ribs and gristle stew
JAN 4582316-190515
Specifications 100
Quantity per package 10×4
Product size 220~165~20
Ball size 210~310~170
Case size 210~620~328
Manufacturer's code 971004
Cooking method Boiling

Kagoshimafs well-known local dish has become a frozen food. Domestically produced pork back ribs are cooked for hours until the meat is soft and juicy. Goes very well with alcoholic beverages and is good as a dinner dish, or even as a tasty topping for a bowl of rice or hot noodles (ramen, udon noodles). Also, a tasty ingredient of curry on rice.


Sweet potatoes 100% produced in Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Product name Annobeni
JAN 4560100-613013
Specifications 300
Quantity per package 60
Product size 140~240~50
Ball size 560~370~280
Case size 560~370~280
Manufacturer's code 160101
Cooking method Thaw at room temperature or microwave.

Annobeni sweet potatoes produced in Tanegashima are harvested and placed in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled stone storage container for more than a month for aging before being slow-roasted on a Sakurajima lava plate over charcoal fire.
Very sweet. A tasty treat eaten cold in summer.

Ground Meat Cutlet made with kurobuta pork produced in Kagoshima Prefecture

100% Kagoshima Black Pork !

Product name Ground Meat Cutlet made with kurobuta pork produced in Kagoshima Prefecture
JAN 4971992-613881
Specifications 50g~3
Quantity per package 10~4
Product size 130~275~20
Ball size 260~235~145
Case size 260~470~290
Manufacturer's code 101023
Cooking method Microwave three pieces at 600W for three minutes

The Ground Meat Cutlet uses kurobuta pork produced in Kagoshima Prefecture. Pork and lard are sliced, mixed with chopped onions and seasoned with pepper and salt. Instructions: Leave to cool for a short time, and it will develop a crispy texture. Good for a quick and easy dinner.


Kagoshima Uma (Kagoshima Specialties)
Kagoshima Uma (Kagoshima Specialties)


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